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Cheap Flat Screen Tv

When flat screen monitors first hit our market, customers have to pay a high price for the lcd technology. They were very expensive back then. They are also not as big as what we see doing. Since the introduction of flat screen plasma tv in 1999, the television indsutry has never being the same again. Now you can easily buy cheap flat screen tv online and in retail shops.

These liquid crystal displays are now everywhere and in most homes. Anyone buying a new television will be buying a lcd tv or a plasma tv. You can get a cheap flat screen tv without paying the ridculous price of 10 years ago.

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Prior to the invention of the flat screen TV, the only available large screen television are the rear projection tv. It is lousy because the viewing angle is very limited. You can hardly see anything when viewing it from certain angle. You have to sit directly in the center of the screen to have a clear view.

A flat screen plasma tv has viewing angles of 170 degrees. This means that the bigger the tv the more people can enjoy. The pictures no longer loses details around the edges. Any cheap flat screen tv nowadays will allow the viewer to experience the full impact of the image.